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Johnny Shines (mp3)

Johnny Shines (mp3)
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Похожая музыка: Джаз и Блюз
Исполнители:  Джонни Шайнс
Издатель: РМГ
Тип издания: Лицензия
Год издания:  Альбом, 2004 г.
Длительность звучания:  7 ч. 52 мин.
 Диск содержит  146 треков в формате mp3.
Упаковка: Jewel Box (пластмассовая коробка)
Вес: 100 г
Изготовитель: ООО «РМГ Мультимедиа». 121019; РФ, г. Москва, ул. Волхонка д. 5/6, стр. 4, оф. 107

 В диск входят треки из следующих альбомов:

Last Night Dream (1968) — с 1 по 10 треки;
Johnny Shines With Big Walter Horton (1969) — с 11 по 22 треки;
Standing At Crossroad (1970) — с 23 по 38 треки;
Johnny Shines & Johnny Lockwood (1971) — с 39 по 56 треки;
Worried Blues Ain’t Bad (1974) — с 57 по 69 треки;
Johnny Shines (1976) — с 70 по 81 треки;
Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop! (1979) — с 82 по 94 треки;
Too Wet To Plow (1975) — с 95 по 104 треки;
Original J.O.B.Recordings (1990) — с 105 по 124 треки;
Back To The Country (1991) — с 125 по 138 треки;
Roots Of Rhythm And Blues (1992) — с 139 по 146 треки.


1.Solid Gold
2.From Dark ‘Til Dawn
3.I Will Be Kind To You
4.Last Night’s Dream
5.Baby Don’t You Think I Know
6.Pipeline Blues
7.I Don’t Know
8.Black Panther
9.I Had A Good Home
10.Mean Fisherman
11.Hello Central
12.You Don’t Have To Go
13.Sneakin’ And Hidin’
14.Till I Made My Tonsils Sore
15.Fat Mama
16.G. B. Blues
17.Worried Life Blues
18.I Cry, I Cry
19.If It Ain’t Me
20.I Want To Warn You
21.I Cry, I Cry (Alternate Take)
22.Sneakin’ And Hidin’, Pt. 2
23.Standing At The Crossroads
24.Milk Cow’s Troubles
25.Death Hearse Blues
26.Drunken Man’s Prayer
27.Hoodoo Snake Doctor Blues
28.It’s A Low Down Dirty Shame
29.How Long
30.Crying Black Angel
31.Down In Spirit
32.Your Troubles Can’t Be Like Mine
33.Kind Hearted Woman
34.Baby Sister Blues
35.My Rat
36.Don’t Take A Country Woman
37.Kind-Hearted Woman (Alternate)
38.Death Hearse Blues (Alternate)
39.Cool Driver
40.Ain’t Doin’ No Good
41.Evening Sun
42.No Name Blues
43.Brutal Hearted Woman
44.Gonna Call The Angel
45.Gonna Call The Angel
46.Evening Shuffle
47.Dust My Broom
48.Pearly В
49.Aw Aw Baby
50.Sweet Woman (From Maine)
51.You’ve Got To Stop This Mess
52.Glad I Don’t Worry No More
53.Down Home Child
54.Sunnyland Special
55.Leaving Your Town
56.Dust My Broom (Alternate Take)
57.Slavery Time Breakdown
58.This Morning
59.Country Blues
60.Deep Freeze
61.Devil’s Daughter
62.You’re The One I Love
63.About My Wish
64.Went To The River To Drown
65.I Thought I Heard A Tone
66.Down in Spirit
67.Worried Blues Ain’t Bad
68.Stop Cryin’
70.Give My Heart a Break
71.Too Lazy
72.Moaning And Groaning
73.Just A Little Tenderness
74.I Know The Winds Are Blowing
75.Just Call Me
76.My Love Can’t Hide
77.Skull And Crossbones Blues
78.Vallie Lee
79.Can’t Get Along With You
80.Have To Pay The Cost
82.Sweet Home Chicago
83.Delta Pines
84.Kind Hearted Woman
85.I Will Be Kind
86.When Your Troubles Get Like Mine
87.Milk Cow Blues
88.Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop
89.Saddle My Pony
90.I Had A Good Home
91.Terraplane Blues
92.Mean Mistreater
93.Going To The River
94.Do Like The Lord Say Do
95.Too Wet To Plow
96.Travelling Back Home
97.Hot Tamale
98.Moanin’ The Blues
99.Red Sun
100.You Better Turn Around
101.The Wind Is Blowin’
102.Trouble’s All I See
103.30 Days In Jail
105.Evening Shuffle (Take 2)
106.No Name Blues
107.Brutal Hearted Woman
108.Gonna Call The Angel
109.Evening Shuffle (Take 3)
110.Living In The White House
111.Please Don’t (Take 1)
112.Please Don’t (Take 2)
113.Evening Shuffle
114.Young And Wild
115.I Love My Baby
116.Trouble In The Morning
117.Humming Blues
118.Man Around My Door
119.Hospitality Blues
120.Hard Pill To Swallow
121.Drinking Woman
122.Moonlight Blues
123.Big World
124.I Lost A Good Woman
125.Trouble In Mind
126.Corrine Corrina
127.Cool Driver
128.They’re Red Hot
130.Lost A Good Woman
131.Evening Sun
132.Sen Your Man To War
133.Come On In My Kitchen
134.Blues Come To Texas
135.Moon Is Rising
136.Hey Bobba Re Bop
138.I Make You Happy
139.Sweet Home Chicago
142.Loved And Lost
143.Tell Me Daddy, How You Want Your Rolling Done
144.The Moon Is Rising
145.Milk Cow Blues
146.Fat Mama
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