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Jerry Lee Lewis. CD 1. (mp3)

Jerry Lee Lewis. CD 1. (mp3)
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Похожая музыка: Рок и Альтернатива
Исполнители:  Джерри Ли Льюис
Издатель: РМГ
Тип издания: Лицензия
Год издания:  Альбом, 2003 г.
Длительность звучания:   8 ч. 14 мин
 Диск содержит  206 треков в формате mp3
Упаковка: Jewel Box (пластмассовая коробка)
Вес: 100 г
Изготовитель: ООО «РМГ Мультимедиа». 121019; РФ, г. Москва, ул. Волхонка д. 5/6, стр. 4, оф. 107

Джерри Ли Льюис — американский певец, пианист, композитор, один из основателей и ведущих исполнителей рок-н-ролла.

 Диск содержит следующие альбомы:

Complete Sun Years (1956-1963)
Part 1 — 1-31 треки
Part 2 — 32-61 треки
Part 3 — 62-87 треки
Part 4 — 88-116 треки
Part 5 — 117-147 треки
Part 6 — 148-179 треки
Part 7 — 180-206 треки


1.Crazy Aims
2.End Of The Road
3.You’re The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven)
4.Born To Lose
5.Silver Threads (Amongst The Gold)
6.I’m Throwing Rice
7.I Love You So Much It Hurts
8.Deep Elem Blues (Traditional)
9.Goodnight Irene
10.Goodnight Irene (Undubbed Master)
11.Honey Hush
12.Crawdad Song
14.The Marines’ Hymn (Traditional)
15.That Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)
16.Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
17.You’re The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven)
18.Lewis Boogie
19.I Love You Because
20.I Can’t Help It
21.Cold, Cold Heart
22.Shame On You
23.I’ll Keep On Loving You
24.You Are My Sunshine
25.Tomorrow Night
26.Sixty Minute Man
27.It All Depends (Who Will Buy The Wine) (Undubbed Master)
28.I Don’t Love Nobody (Traditional)
29.Whole Lotta Nobody
30.It’ll Be Me (Alternate Take)
31.It’ll Be Me (Unissued)
32.Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On
33.False Starts To
34.It’ll Be Me (Unissued)
35.It’ll Be Me (Single Master)
36.Ole Pal Of Yesterday (Traditional, arranged by Lewis)
37.You Win Again
38.Love Letters In The Sand
39.Little Green Valley (Unissued)
40.Lewis Boogie (Master)
41.Pumpin’ Piano Rock
42.It’ll Be Me (LP Master)
43.All Night Long
44.Old Time Religion
45.When The Saints Go Marchin’ In (Undubbed Master) (Traditional)
46.My Carolina Sunshine Girl
47.Long Gone Lonesome Blues
48.Drinkin’ Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee
49.Singing The Blues
50.Matchbox (Undubbed Master)
52.Ubangi Stomp
53.Rock & Roll Ruby
54.So Long, I’m Gone
55.Ooby Dooby
56.I Forgot To Remember To Forget (Unissued)
57.You Win Again (Undubbed Master)
58.I’m Feeling Sorry
59.I’m Feeling Sorry
60.Mean Woman Blues
61.Great Balls Of Fire (Movie Cut)
62.Great Balls Of Fire
63.Why Should I Cry Over You?
64.Great Balls Of Fire (Master)
65.You Win Again (Overdubbed Master)
66.Down The Line (Unissued)
67.False Starts & Down The Line
68.Down The Line (Master)
69.Sexy Ways (False Start)
70.Cool, Cool Ways (Sexy Ways)
71.Milkshake Mademoiselle
72.Breathless (Unissued)
73.Milkshake Mademoiselle
74.2 False Starts S Milkshake Mademoiselle (Unissued)
75.Breathless (Master)
76.False Start & High School Confidential
77.High School Confidential (Unissued)
78.High School Confidential
79.Put Me Down (Unissued)
80.Good Bockin’ Tonight
81.Pink Pedal Pushers
82.Jailhouse Rock
83.Hound Dog
84.Don’t Be Cruel
86.Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
87.Big Legged Woman
88.Hello, Hello Baby
89.Frankie And Johnny
90.Your Cheatin Heart
91.Lovesick Blues
92.Goodnight Irene (Overdubbed Master)
93.When The Saints Go Marchin’ In (Overdubbed Master)
94.Matchbox (Overdubbed Master)
95.It All Depends (Who Will Buy The Wine) (Overdubbed Master)
96.Put Me Down
97.Fools Like Me (Undubbed Master)
98.Carrying On (Sexy Ways) (Unissued)
99.False Start & Crazy Heart
100.Put Me Down
101.Put Me Down
102.False Start To High School Confidential
103.High School Confidential (Master)
104.Slippin’ Around
105.I’ll See You In My Dreams
106.Real Wild Child (Wild One)
107.Let The Good Times Roll
108.Fools Like Me (Overdubbed Master)
109.Settin’ The Woods On Fire
110.Break Up (Rich)
111.Crazy Heart
112.Live And Let Live
113.False Start & I’ll Make It All Up To You
114.Crazy Arms
115.Johnny B. Goode
116.False Start To Settin’ The Woods On Fire And Break Up
117.Return Of Jerry Lee
118.Break Up (Unissued)
119.I’ll Make It All Up To You (Unissued)
120.Break Up (Unissued)
121.Johnny B. Goode
122.Break Up (Master)
123.I’ll Make It All Up To You
124.Drinkin’ Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee
125.I’ll Sail My Ship Alone
126.It Hurt Me So
127.You’re the Only Star (In My Blue Heaven)
128.It Hurt Me So
129.Lovin’ Up A Storm (Unissued)
130.Big Blon’ Baby
131.Lovin’Up A Storm
132.Sick And Tired
133.(Just A Shanty In Old) Shanty Town
134.Release Me
135.False Start (Takes 1 & 2)
136.Near You (Takes 1 & 2)
137.I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
138.Hillbilly Fever
139.My Blue Heaven
140.My Blue Heaven
141.False Start Let’s Talk About Us
142.Little Queenie
143.Home (Miller)
144.Will The Circle Be Unbroken (Traditional)
145.Ballad Of Billy Joe
146.Sail Away
147.False Starts & Am I To Be The One
148.Night Train To Memphis
149.I’m The Guilty One
150.Let’s Talk About Us
151.The Wild Side Of Life (Stereo)
152.Charming Billy (Stereo)
153.My Bonnie (Stereo) (Traditional)
154.Mexicali Rose (Slow)
155.Mexicali Rose (Fast)
156.Gettin’ In The Mood
157.In The Mood
158.I Get The Blues When It Rains
159.I Get The Blues When It Rains
160.Don’t Drop It
161.Great Speckled Bird
162.Great Speckled Bird
163.Bonnie B.
164.Baby, Baby Bye Bye
165.Baby, Baby Bye Bye
166.False Starts & I Can’t Help It
167.Old Black Joe
168.Bonnie B.
169.Old Black Joe
170.Bonnie B. (Underwood)
171.As Long As I Live
172.Hound Dog
173.As Long As Live
174.What’d I Say
175.Keep Your Hands Off Of It (Birthday Cake)
176.Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes
177.John Henry (Version)
178.What’d I Say (Stereo)
179.С. С. Rider (Stereo)
180.When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (Unissued) (Stereo)
181.Lewis Workout (Stereo)
182.When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (Stereo)
183.When I Get Paid (Stereo)
184.Love Made A Fool Of Me (Stereo)
185.No More Than I Get (Stereo)
186.Livin’, Lovin’ Wreck (Stereo)
187.What’d I Say (Stereo)
188.Cold, Cold Heart (Stereo)
189.I Forgot To Remember To Forget
190.It Won’t Happen With Me (Stereo)
191.C.C. Rider (Stereo)
192.I Love You Because (Stereo)
193.Save The Last Dance For Me (Stereo)
194.Hello Josephine (My Girl Josephine) (Stereo)
195.High Powered Woman (Stereo)
196.My Blue Heaven 1 (Stereo)
197.My Blue Heaven 2 (Stereo)
198.Sweet Little Sixteen (Unissued)
199.Ramblin’ Rose (Version)
200.Money (That’s What I Want)
201.Ramblin’ Rose
202.I’ve Been Twistin’
203.Whole Lotta Twistin’ Coin’ On (Stereo)
204.I’ve Been Twistin’ (Stereo)
205.I Know What It Means
206.High Powered Woman (Stereo)
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