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Fleetwood Mac. MP3 Collection (mp3)

Fleetwood Mac. MP3 Collection (mp3)
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5 руб.

Похожая музыка: Рок и Альтернатива
Исполнители:  Fleetwood Mac
Издатель: РМГ
Тип издания: Лицензия
Год издания:  Альбом, 2003 г.
Длительность звучания:  5 ч. 22 мин.
Диск содержит 86 треков в формате mp3
Формат: 1 CD
Упаковка: Jewel Box (пластмассовая коробка)
Вес: 100 г
Изготовитель: ООО «РМГ Мультимедиа». 121019; РФ, г. Москва, ул. Волхонка д. 5/6, стр. 4, оф. 107

 Диск содержит:

Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac (1968) — 1-12 треки
Mr. Wonderful (1968) — 13-24 треки
English Rose (1969) — 25-36 треки
Then Play On (1969) — 37-49 треки
Kiln House (1970) — 50-59 треки
Future Games (1971) — 60-67 треки
Bare Trees (1972) — 68-77 треки
Penguin (1973) — 78-86 треки


1.My Heart Beat Like A Hammer
2.Merry Go Round
3.Long Grey Mare
4.Hellhound On My Trail
5.Snake Your Moneymaker
6.Looking For Somebody
7.No Place To Go
8.My Baby’s Good To Me
9.I Loved Another Woman
10.Cold Black Night
11.The World Keep On Turning
12.Got To Move
13.Stop Messin’ Round
14.I’ve Lost My Baby
15.Rollin’ Man
16.Dust My Broom
17.Love That Burns
18.Doctor Brown
19.Need Your Love Tonight
20.If You Be My Baby
21.Evenin’ Boogie
22.Lazy Poker Blues
23.Coming Home
24.Trying So Hard To Forget
25.Stop Messin’ Round
26.Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
27.Doctor Brown
28.Something Inside Of Me
29.Evenin’ Boogie
30.Love That Burns
31.Black Magic Woman
32.I’ve Lost My Baby
33.One Sunny Day
34.Without You
35.Coming Home
37.Coming Your Way
38.Closing My Eyes
39.Show-Biz Blues
40.My Dream
42.Oh Well
43.Although The Sun Is Shining
44.Rattlesnake Shake
45.Searching For Madge
46.Fighting For Madge
47.When You Say
48.Like Crying
49.Before The Beginning
50.This Is The Rock
51.Station Man
52.Blood On the Floor
53.Hi Ho Silver
54.Jewel Eyed Judy
55.Buddy’s Song
56.Earl Cray
57.One Together
58.Tell Me All The Things You Do
59.Mission Bell
60.Woman Of A Thousand Years
61.Morning Rain
62.What A Shame
63.Future Games
64.Sands Of Time
66.Lay It All Down
67.Show Me A Smile
68.Child Of Mine
69.The Ghost
70.Homeward Bound
71.Sunny Side Of Heaven
72.Bare Trees
73.Sentimental Lady
74.Danny’s Chant
75.Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
77.Thoughts On A Grey Day
78.Remember Me
79.Bright Fire
81.I’m A Road Runner
82.The Derelict
84.Did You Ever Love Me
85.Night Watch
86.Caught In The Rain
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